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Coaching Information

Thank you for your interest in Volunteering with our Organization

Without your dedication and willingness to be a part of our organization and take the time to mentor these young people none of it would be possible.

In order for ANY coach to be placed on a final roster (and be on the sidelines/bench with the team for the season)  All of the following information MUST be received.

  •  ___ Completed Volunteer Application (1 per year) (download)
  •  ___ Copy of current background check (1 per year within 3 months/application)
  •  ___ Copy of concussion clinic completion (recommended for ALL)
  •  ___ Copy of  current state ID/Driver’s License(one per calendar year)
  •  ___ Copy of current coaches certification for the sports coaching
  •  ___ Signed Coaches Code of Conduct (1 per season) (download)
  •  ___ Adult participant waiver for our Insurance (one per season)
  •  ___ Panel interview with the sport specific board for all new coaches 

Free concussion clinic can be done at: CDC Injury Concussion Training Course
Background checks can be done at here

During the panel interview specific sport certifications will be explained and the waiver will be available to sign at that time.

We understand this looks like a lot - it is in compliance with youth leagues in the nation, especially those that want to keep the safety of the athletes first.


Code of Conduct


This Code of Conduct shall apply to all players, coaches, officials, and spectators and will be strictly enforced by the AYL Clubs and/or AYL Board. The following shall make up the Code of Conduct and is required to be followed at every league or club sponsored game or event.  

LANGUAGE – Any use of foul or obscene language directed to a player, coach, fan or official before, after or during AYL events shall result in probation, suspension or expulsion. 
FIGHTING – Any type of physical contact that occurs outside the normal player contact by players, coaches, officials, and spectators shall result in probation, suspension or expulsion. 
EJECTION – Any player, coach, or spectator who is ejected more than once in any given season is immediately expelled. 
All ejections of players, coaches, and spectators are subject to appeal by the CLUB to the commissioner. Any CLUB or member who is expelled must appear before the AYL Board to be reinstated. Probation, suspension, and expulsion may cause a team, player, coach, spectator or CLUB to be ineligible for post-season play. 
TEAMS – Any team that has more than two (2) ejections of players, coaches, or fans, in the same sport season shall be placed on probation for the remainder of that season and that team shall be ineligible from the post-season play. 
TOBACCO PRODUCTS – No tobacco in any form, including but not limited to smoking, chewing tobacco or snuff, will be strictly PROHIBITED at practice and game field locations, all products must be at least 15 yards from any playing or practice fields 
ALCOHOL– Alcohol and Illegal drugs will be strictly PROHIBITED at any AYL game or function. Parties found in possession, will be asked to leave the event 
ANIMALS – No pets/animals are allowed at any AYL game or function, within 15 yards of any practice or playing fields. 
MEDIA - Any contact with the media that is determined detrimental to the Stallions or Arapahoe Youth League will result in immediate expulsion from the league and/or organization. 
PHOTOS I understand that the AYL Stallions have a public website and publish photos of the club's various activities and events. I am the parent or legal guardian of the above listed child under 18 years of age, and I give permission for their images, as well as my own to be published on the Arapahoe Youth League or Stallion website and other publications.

Violation of any part of the Code of Conduct may result in a fine by the AYL or the Stallions organization in addition to probation, suspension or expulsion.