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AAA & Majors Overview

AYL will schedule built in practice days each week by age division (see below chart).

Day's off for each age are listed below:

  • Monday = Reschedule/make-up for all teams.  8 & 9's should expect to play here
  • Tuesday = TBD
  • Wednesday = TBD
  • Thursday = TBD

Please note that any above day may be used for makeup days if any games are canceled due to weather.

AAA & Majors Season Overview: 
  • A 12 - 14 Game season starting in April, games will be played on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday only.  The game range format maximizes game schedules and is utilized by the board’s discretion on maximizing games played.  Please note that if weather impacts the season, addition games may be added at the discretion of the board.
  • All AYL teams must self register for USSSA play through the USSSA web site.
  • Teams participating in the AAA/MAJORS division may request up to two (2) bye requests for regular season games only.  Bye requests are not granted during the post season Playoffs or World Series Tournament.  Bye requests that are not turned in by the due date will not be honored and under no circumstances will any games be changed or rescheduled for any reason.
  • Any team that is unavailable for the playoffs or World Series due to tournament conflicts or travel will be removed from the end of season AYL playoffs.
  • The MAJORS division is limited to no more than eight (8) teams in each age, however, in certain circumstances board discretion on the number of teams will be used to maximize schedules.
  • The AAA division will be limited to no more than the next ten (10) teams in each age (Board discretion may apply).  This level may be divided between American and National play with inter division play.
  • Teams that register to play in the AYL AAA/Majors division; they will need to indicate the level of play desired. At the discretion of the AYL Baseball Board, all teams will be reviewed and seeded to determine the appropriate participation level of each team.
  • AYL Baseball board may approve an AAA National division of play and an AAA American division (depending on team totals and field availability).
  • At the conclusion of the regular season play, all teams will participate in a single elimination playoff.  The playoffs game could begin as early as Mid June and will run thru Late June.  Trophies will be awarded to the top 2 teams participating in the World Series game. There are no trophies for regular season finish.
  • Tournament State berths (non-paid) will be awarded to the top 50% (based on the standings on the AYL Baseball website as of June 15th or earlier) for the AAA & Majors divisions. 
  • PAID state berths will be awarded to the top two (2) teams (based on the standings at the conclusion of the league play) in each AAA & Majors divisions.